Pilates helps your body's movement

Pilates is one of the most efficient low impact physical fitness routines that improves shape and energy levels, with noticeable improvements to flexibility, strength, endurance, breathing, and balance. The movements in the workout correct spinal and pelvic alignment. It helps you control your body’s movement accurately.

Many physiotherapists and chiropractors suggest Pilates to assist injury prevention and promote recovery.

“physical fitness is the first pre-requisite of happiness”

– Joseph Pilates

  1. Strengthen your core. Your deep abdominal muscles, pelvic stabilisers, and the multifidus muscle that support the spine are given a lot of emphasis during the workout. This makes them stronger, improving balancing and flexibility. You will start to develop lean, elastic, and flexible muscles. The mobility in your joints will improve. This reduces the risk of injury.
  2. Increase your stamina and prevent injuries. Pilates can help improve your stamina. With this type of exercise, you will build up your energy and be able to enjoy your day more. You will feel lighter and stronger. Your physical ability will improve and the risk of injury will go down.
  3. Mastery of balance and Movement. Focusing on your movement teaches an unconscious awareness which helps you maintain balance. You will start to move more gracefully and develop good posture. Many people report an improvement in concentration.
  4. Easy on your body. While Pilates is a total body workout, it is easy on your body. Most of the movements are calmly, allowing you to relax. Since the impact is low and there is only partial weight bearing, it is helpful for many people recovering from an injury.
  5. Be challenged. Pilates is suitable for all fitness levels. There are simple moves to begin, as you master them you transition into more challenging positions. This allows the exercise to match your fitness level and improve with you. As you feel and see your body strengthen you can set new challenges for yourself.

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