Qualifications & Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Masters of Chiropractic
  • Active Release Technique Provider
  • Dry Needling
  • SFMA
  • NKT
  • Crossfit Level 1

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I’m Nick Papastamatis, Co-owner and Founder of Balance Health and Performance

Helping people and involvement in sport are two of my passions which I realized as early as the age of 15. After sustaining a spinal injury during cricket training session, my father introduced me to his Chiropractor. He helped me understand my problem, reduced my pain and I was most definitely inspired by his knowledge.

So I studied Chiropractic. During my university degree I spent time learning and working with various practitioners in various locations until I graduated in 2010 and worked under a sports based Chiropractor where I learnt how to approach the management of sports injuries but also had the opportunity to manage the workers compensation cases with one of Australia’s largest logistics company.

March 2013 I ventured out on my own and had visions of opening a clinic with a gym attached to it so I could actually see my patients move in an environment which replicated the cause of their issues.

The way I help my patients:

  • I listen to the problem and precisely how it happened
  • I understand that pain is a daily occurrence and is frustrating so formulating a plan on how to fix it quickly is vital.
  • I examine to diagnose what is the structure causing the pain and then assess the function which may have caused it through:

– Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

– Muscular resistance testing to determine facilitated/inhibited movement patterns

– Video analysis and slow motion of the problematic movement

  • Depending on what the cause of the problem is (soft tissue/joint/neurological) we need to tackle the problem using its required approach. Hence, I use a wide range of techniques:

– Active Release Techniques (ART)

– Dry Needling


– Joint manipulation whether it be spinal or peripheral

– Functional rehabilitation

– Specific motor control retraining

– Rocktaping

– Nerve flossing (Neurodynamic techniques)

For example, if your problem is muscular in nature, ART and dry needling might be used mostly. If there is joint dysfunction underlying in the problem, joint manipulation might be used and to stop it from reoccurring a simple take home exercise may be given to you as well.

Making sure that you’re comfortable with the techniques used is the most important and so your preference as a patient is highly respected. We also respect that you want your problem to be resolved as quickly as possible so a diagnosis and a rough timeline of progress is given, and most importantly, re-evaluation of your problem status is conducted every consultation.

Bottom line – If you want to move and feel better, then I want to help you find the way.